Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bath time for Benjamin

If there's one thing I love it's Benjamin's fuzz-head right after he has a bath. He spends most of his free time spitting up so his hair gets gelled down pretty quick. After his hair has been washed and dried, though, it's out of control wild. And I love it. Did I mention that?

He doesn't mind being in the water and actually seems to find it quite relaxing. Usually I shower with him and rinse his hair right under the shower head and his whole body goes limp. Last night I used the sprayer mode on the kitchen sink to rinse his hair and he did the same thing--big sigh of contentment and complete relaxation. He doesn't take too kindly to getting out of the water though.

Fortunately he enjoys having his head massaged while I dry off his hair.

He seems to like having people play (gently) with his hair. His sisters have yet to master the gently part. But when other people run their fingers through his hair he'll sometimes crack a smile. It's good he enjoys this since everyone we meet is so enamored with his hair and always want to touch it.

And, here he is, all puffed up and ready for bed time:

"Did someone say bed time?" he says. "Right on!"

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