Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Getting ready

Yesterday while I was packing (and after I forbade the girls to be in the same room as each other (because they were fighting all morning)) Rachel decided to be a good helper and held baby Benjamin for me. She wrapped him in her favourite blanket and bounced him when he fussed and kept him quiet for a good half hour.

Meanwhile in the basement Miriam was free to build her duplo towers with any piece she wanted to use instead of having that dictated for her.

It was a beautiful half hour.

The packing truck arrived today and we'll be loading it up tomorrow. Today we have to finish packing things, including my computer. But don't worry...I have several drafts all set up on blogger and I should soon have a lot of free time to write on the laptop. Andrew and the girls leave on Saturday morning and I don't leave until the 19th. 

Thinking about them driving across the country without me makes me feel a little nervous and a little lonely. Thinking about only having to take care of Benjamin and only do laundry for the two of us makes me feel like I'm entering a grand vacation. So...I should have plenty of time to write. Plenty.

Until then, I have to go finish packing...


  1. Replies
    1. Well,he is also taking his parents, Tamsin...

  2. Oh my what an arrangement. Yes, I would embrace this as a mini-vacation (although I bet you'll miss the little monsters terribly)! Benjamin looks very cute in that pink blanket. I see visions of him dressed up in a princess dress with lipstick generously applied by his loving sisters, coming up in the near future.