Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Artwork Palooza

Here's a picture Miriam drew today of our family hunting for leprechaun gold in the clover in the backyard:

She wrote "To: Mommy" and "Miriam Heiss" in fancy bubble letters. That's what AMOMY MiAiR HSEIS means when it's decoded, in case you were wondering. And, yes, she taped hand-picked clover to the paper. Just for me.

This is a little story Rachel wrote about leprechauns at school:

The leprechaun wants the pot of gold. So he is following the rainbow. The sun is shining bright. The sky is very blue. The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow. Why do leprechauns like gold? The pot is black. The rainbow's colours are red and pink and orange and yellow and peach and blue and purple and yellow and pink [on the back:] and orange.

Here's another little story she wrote at school:

I am going to school with Stacy. [Our school] is blue and white. The cylinders are orange and green and purple. The sky is very blue. The sun is very yellow. We are in the penguin room. Stacy is my friend. I have a blue dress and Stacy's dress is purple.

They did an American History unit and have been talking a lot about symbolism. Here's Rachel's little paragraph about that:

[My favourite American symbol is] the liberty bell because it is old. The last time the Liberty Bell was rung on that was when the Americans won the war. They rung it so hard it cracked.

And here's a little essay about grizzly bears, with several animal essays to follow...

Grizzly bears have black noses. Grizzly bears are light brown. Grizzly bears have sharp claws and sharp teeth. Grizzly bears live in the wild. Grizzly bears look sweet but they are scary. Baby grizzly bears are cute. Grizzly bears live in a cave. Mom and Dad grizzly bears are tall. [On the back:] Grizzly bears hibernate. Grizzly bears have paws. Grizzly bears eat fish and deer. Grizzly bears bring the meat to the den. Some grizzly bears live at the zoo. Grizzly bears are pretty.

I almost feel there's a tongue twister hidden in there somewhere.

Now for polar bears:

The polar bear is white. The polar bear is soft. The polar bear lives in the arctic. The polar bear has four legs.  The polar bear has a fluffy tail. The polar bear has a circle on the side. The polar bears eats fish. The polar bear can swim. The polar bear has a poofy tail. The polar bear is white so it can hide in the snow.

Yet another essay about penguins (Are you surprised? How many of these has she done?):

I see a penguin. It has black flippers. It has a[n] orange beak. The penguin has orange feet. The penguin is in a blizzard with thunder and lightning. She is trying to keep her eggs warm. Penguins live in the arctic.

My favourite character is the giraffe because it has a long neck. I like the giraffe because it pushed the hippo into the river. I like the giraffe because he said "Hippo's gone bananas!"

I'm going to assume this is about a story they read in class.

Here's a cloud-interpretation picture she made:

She turned her cloud into a cat. A cat like Hermione's, she told me, hinting wildly that a cat like that would be a lovely thing to have.

And one last essay, about picking flowers in our yard:

It is spring. I am picking flowers with my sister. There is purple flowers and red flowers and blue flowers. The sun is shining bright. My dress is green and pink and black and blue. My sister's dress is green and orange. The sky is very blue.

Here are a few more pictures from Miriam. This first one she was so excited about because she cut the paper in half all by herself (and then glued it back together). She told me it was for my Christmas present and asked if she could wrap it and put it under a tree until then. I convinced her to give it to me for Easter instead.

She tried to write her whole name. See if you can find all the letters for Miriam, al-Noor, Heiss, and Mommy.

If you succeeded in doing that, try to interpret this:

She told me it means "whatever [she] wants it to mean and a whole bunch of stuff and everything."

I believe her.

This next picture definitely says "Mommy/iMom," "Miriam/iMRMi," and "Dad/AAD." It probably also says "from" because that's a word she likes to pretend she can write. It may also say some other things. I'm not sure. But it's a beautiful drawing!

And that's it! Or at least, that's all that you're getting. You should see the rest of the paper kicking around here. It's nuts!

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