Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just my boys

Andrew fell asleep at his desk yesterday. He was reading a boring article. Apparently it was very boring.

Here's a little glimpse at Benjamin's two front teeth:

They've just broken through in the past couple of days. His gums are still pretty raw, poor boy.

It's kind of weird that he got his front teeth first. Both the girls got their eyeteeth before their front teeth, which is what happened with me and at least three of my siblings. I was totally expecting Benjamin to get his teeth in the same fashion but he broke the mold and got his front teeth first, perhaps taking after Andrew's teething order.

It's funny to look in his mouth and see such big teeth in there. Rachel has the same size of teeth and hers look so tiny! I suppose that has to do with variation in their head sizes. Rachel's head is much bigger than Benjamin but she still has all her deciduous teeth (and she's anxiously awaiting the autumn of her babyhood (one of her friends at church just lost her first tooth today and Rachel's beyond jealous)).

And here's Benjamin enjoying some green beans:

He loves them any way he can get them, from mashed to whole (and anywhere in between). 

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