Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little Artist

Miriam loves to draw. It's her go-to activity throughout the day; she draws whenever she's unsure of what to do (which some might call boredom but fortunately my kids haven't (yet) begun using the phrase "I'm bored," and with any luck we'll keep it that way).

She draws before breakfast while she's waiting for someone to help her. She draws before getting dressed. She draws while I'm nursing Benjamin. She draws while I'm reading chapter books aloud. She draws anywhere and everywhere.

Lately she's been drawing a lot of birds. Her birds have legs and wings, like ordinary birds do, but they also have a set of arms, just for fun. "Bird legs are straight," she'll explain, "But their arms are squiggly."

By Miriam (September 18, 2013)
I was hoping this stage would never end, but Rachel lectured Miriam about proper bird anatomy yesterday. Today Miriam drew a picture for Andrew. She put a bird on it, a bird with no arms.

It broke my heart a little bit.

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