Saturday, September 28, 2013

Procrastination is hereditary

I'm in charge of the family newsletter for my great-grandparents' progeny (which is nearly innumerable by this time). One of their twelve children had nine children and betwixt those nine children were born approximately one hundred children. One of the nine grandchildren contributed thirteen of those great-grandchildren and she now boasts 52 grandchildren of her own (with four more on the way—and not even all her children are married (or even graduated from high school) yet).

That's just the offspring of one of the nine grandchildren from one of the twelve children of my great-grandparents. So you see, it really is a large undertaking.

Unfortunately we seem to all have inherited the trait of waiting until the last minute to submit things and so I find myself nervously checking my email several times a day and, when nothing exciting is in my inbox, sending out nagging reminder emails. I worry that the newsletter will be short and disappointing. But then, at about this time in the month—you know, three or four days before the "deadline"—I start getting flooded with submissions. I have received six submissions already and I'll write one, of course, but hopefully I'll get a few more because seven out of how ever many hundred relatives isn't a very good "turn out," if you ask me. So...all aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, etc. who read this blog: consider this your formal shout out.

I actually had one relative send me a three word message: nothing to report.

Nothing to report?! It's been six months since the last newsletter. How could there be nothing to report?

In the past six months, Benjamin has learned to walk, Miriam's been plowing through her reading lessons in a valiant effort to catch up with Rachel, who has been devouring literature with an insatiable appetite. Rachel also learned to swim, learned to pump a swing, and started grade one. Andrew started his last year of classes. We've been to the beach multiple times, took a trip to Florida with Andrew's, and went camping. That's just a nutshell of the past six months. I could go on (and probably will go on, in more detail, for the newsletter).

With that said, I should probably start getting the newsletter ready because I'm expecting a huge influx of news to come in soon...

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