Friday, October 25, 2013


Miriam's speeding through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. In Lesson 13, the book introduced the concept of "stories," however, the story that was part of the lesson was three words long: see me eat. Miriam was not impressed.

"That's not even a story!" she pouted.

We're on Lesson 45 now and our stories are a lot more complicated and story-like. Yesterday we did Lesson 41 and the story we read went like this:
A fish ate a rock. The fish said, "I ate a rock." A cow ate the fish. The cow said, "I ate a fish. And now I feel sick."
This prompted a rather lengthy discussion at the dinner table where many unsolvable questions were posed, not the least of which were why a fish would eat a rock and why a cow would eat a fish.*

While Rachel and I were waiting for the bus this morning (for a half hour) she said, "Oh, Mom, I finished writing that story we were talking about at dinner last night. I just wanted to kind of make the story make sense—you know, clarify it—because it was kind of a silly story. It took like a page and a half to make it good. It's in my journal if you want to read it."
Ther was onese a fish who ate a rock. A cow ate the fish who ate the rock. The cow ate a hors who ate the fish who ate the rock. The cow ate a bee and a fla. The bee ate the fla. The cow ate a pig and a wig. The pig ate the wig. The wow cow ate a bee and a tree! I do know why the cow ate the fish. Do you? The bee ate the tree. The cow ate a cat and a dog. The dog ate the cat. A persan ate the big fat cow. 
The end.
Clarification. Nailed it.

* perhaps the fish was a parrot fish, who eats rocks and poops sand. And perhaps the cow in the story was among the 15% of cows this guy claims eat ground up fish.


  1. I read a book about a pet rooster -- whose favorite treat food was CHICKEN NUGGETS. Yes, pretty gross to think about. But the rooster didn't know that the chicken nuggets were made of chickens!
    So why not cows eating fish? (This was actually a really fun read)