Monday, February 29, 2016

This boy

The good news is...

  • my kitchen floor is clean
  • my front porch is clean
  • a new pair of Crocs is on the way for Benjamin
The bad news is...
  • Benjamin held the water button on the fridge down for a long time and flooded the kitchen
  • Benjamin opened the front door and peed onto the porch
  • We've been missing one of Benjamin's crocs for days now (they're size 7 and he's now size 9 and they both had holes on the bottom from being worn so much so I suppose it was about time but still...missing shoes...grumble)
I have a bit of a Benjamin-induced headache today. We'd get along great if I could keep my eye on him constantly but sometimes I have to do other things—like take the sheets off his bed so I can wash them or practice a dance for the stake musical—and then he gets into serious amounts of mischief.

He also peed in my friend Marian's front yard while I was buckling Zoë up. 

"Mom, I have to go pee," he said.

"Okay," I said, finishing up with her buckle. "Let's go ask..."

And there he was, pants down, watering her lawn.

"...Never mind. Let's just go home."

Today I'll just count my lucky stars that he didn't try to wipe his own bum...and end up smearing poop all over the bathroom. That was last week...

This boy.

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  1. Good news! I found his croc on the bookshelf while picking out bedtime stories. It's still size 7. But at least we can keep squashing his feet into them until his new ones come now (he went around barefooted most of the day today because he mostly refuses to wear all other shoes).