Monday, February 01, 2016

To usher in February on a positive note...

We finally made it to the library this weekend! We dropped books off the first weekend of January before we went up to the mountains and then, for a number of reasons, we hadn't found the time to go back until this Saturday. It's been fine because we have a healthy collection of books in our house so it's not like story time stopped. We've been re-reading books.

Miriam really got into Harry Potter. Rachel read Dune. And between all of us we read dozens and dozens of picture books to Benjamin and Zoë.

Still, it's nice to have something new to read.

One of the books we picked out was Fine As We Are by Algy Craig Hall, a darling story about welcoming new little ones into your family. As a hint, it's based on the feelings the author had when his stint as an only child was forever interrupted by the arrival of quadruplet siblings. But it features frogs. And it's seriously adorable.

It's amazing how welcoming a new baby (or babies) into your life is at once easy and so very difficult. Time passes slowly yet all too fast. They enter the world a perfect stranger but you find yourself loving them more passionately than you ever could have dreamed, and although you justifiably worried about the upheaval this new person would ultimately wreak on your delicately balanced family dynamics, it doesn't take long to feel like they've always belonged right there with you.

And no matter how hard you might wish things didn't have to change or how much you wish things could go back to the way they were before (Benjamin, I'm looking at you), it's soon impossible to imagine life without them and things once again seem...fine the way they are.

This book was so sweet. I highly recommend reading it. Especially, if, let's say, your three-year-old has an open vendetta against your eight-month-old. 

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