Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Benjamin's future children

In case you're wondering, Benjamin is going to have 100 daughters—including eight sets of twins—and, at the very end, one son. He has already named the first several daughters, drawing from a number of books, movies, musicals, and inspirational people in his life:

  • Heather
  • Buttercup
  • Jo
  • Rose
  • Crystal
  • Elizabeth
  • Annie
  • Rachel
  • Miriam
  • Zoë
  • Mommy
  • Nancy

His son will be named Andrew.

I don't know why he didn't think to have two sons and name the other one Benjamin. I mean, I think Benjamin's a pretty great name, personally. And I know when I was four I thought my name was so beautiful that I named stuffed animals after myself.

He also told me that when he gets married, Miss Annie will come to his wedding (which will be in Utah (Miss Annie missed preschool last week because, incidentally, she was away for her nephew's wedding)) and give him a big and beautiful bouquet, which he will then give to his wife. Unless his wife doesn't want it, in which case he will give it "to one of [his] ancestors."

I don't think he knows what an ancestor is...but he's going to give once of them his wife's rejected bouquets.

I just asked him what an ancestor was and he said, "A sister who's an aunt. So Josie is an aunt-sister because she's my aunt and your sister." Basically he has no idea what an ancestor is but Josie can expect rejected bouquets in the future, I guess.

He also was just "reading" over my shoulder and noticed the lack of Benjamin on the list.

"Mommy, where's my name on that list?" he said.

"It's not," I said. "This is a list of your daughters."

"Well, go ahead and add my name. I'll have two sons: Andrew and Benjamin."

I knew he'd come around to his own awesomeness. And, in all honesty, his list of names isn't bad. I mean, there's no "Wonder Woman" or "Cupcake Breath" or anything weird like that on the list. And a whole lot of the names sound like names I would choose for my own children...oh, wait...


  1. Yes, not a bad list at all. Wow, 100 daughters!!

  2. Josie the aunt-sister! I love it! I am so glad that you think you have a beautiful name, and we already know that Josie thought her name was beautiful in the past ("Why did you name me a beautiful name?")--that makes me feel good. Because I honestly have never, not for one second, thought that I have a beautiful name. And occasionally, when someone comments that THEY think I have a beautiful name, it always takes me by surprise. And my gut reaction would be to say, "Really? You're kidding!" Well, Benjamin must be planning to be a very wealthy man to feed and clothe those 100 daughters (and 2 sons)!

  3. We like watching The Amazing Race, and there is one contestant who has a daughter named Pearl. From the picture they showed, she looks to be around 6. I thought of you and your mom. :)