Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Rachel's spring concert

This evening we went to Rachel's spring chorus concert for FHE (because what option did we have, Earl? None.). We were happy to go, of course, and she was excited to sing with her friends. 

They sang a lot of fun songs and even had a few numbers with some choreography.

Here's Rachel, just to the left of their director's elbow:

And here are Benjamin, Miriam, and Zoë transfixed by the performance. We'll pretend they were all that attentive for the duration of the concert (they totally weren't; there was a whole lot of misbehaving on our row, let me tell you).

We were instructed to have the students to the school by 6:45, which we did. But we ended up sitting in the back row because "by 6:45" really meant "much earlier than 6:45 if you want a decent seat." I always forget how quickly these school performances fill a room. I suppose the back was good, though, because it meant the little ones could stand up and not bother anybody.

We're so proud of Rachel for stretching her wings and joining the chorus, and we're thankful for her wonderful director. Rachel learned a lot and has become a much more confident singer (I can tell when I sit next to her in church; it's great). I'm having a hard time believing the school year is coming to a close (we still have another month but it'll go quick)! No more after school practices—what?!


  1. Wish I could have heard this! Good job, Rachel!

    1. Most (all, probably) of the songs are still under copyright, otherwise I would have filmed a few to put up. It was a "pop" concert. :)