Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Potty training, take 4

Zoë has been very vocal about her wants regarding potty training. When she wants to wear underwear, by golly, she wants to wear underwear! When she wants to wear a diaper there is no changing her mind. She so unlike "the lamb so mild" that I have mostly been letting her have her way but recently she's been showing signs of potty training readiness, whether she wants to or not.

Yesterday she pulled off her diaper, which she had already pooped in, and then ran to sit on the potty, smearing poop all over it in the process, and then tried wiping her own bum, well...I knew it was time. So I told her that she was done with daytime diapers and could wear underwear again.

She wasn't happy, but she did it—and she didn't have a single accident the rest of the day!

So this morning I went ahead and put her into underwear again. She went through seven pairs in less than two hours. How, even, does one do that?! But I finally got her to use the potty and then she didn't have a single accident the rest of the day! She even ran to the potty for #2, which is kind of a big deal for her. 

I thought it was so funny when she started pushing and she clamped her hands over her mouth. 

Benjamin always did this, too!

He was afraid of "burping" while he pooped...and I guess Zoë is, too. But, seriously, what are the odds of both of them doing this? Neither Rachel nor Miriam did it, just these younger two.

Here's hoping tomorrow morning goes a little smoother than this morning did...

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