Monday, May 08, 2017

Summer Book Exchange

Our kids' school is doing a "summer book exchange" for the kids. Last week they could bring in books from home to donate to the school collection—for every two books donated they earned one ticket to use at the exchange (with the possibility of earning five tickets total, though no limit to the number of books they could donate).

We went through our books and selected twenty books (plus a few more) that we felt we could part with. It was actually pretty easy for the kids to get rid of a book or two (or ten) when there was the possibility of choosing new books on the horizon.

Today was Rachel's day at the media center, which meant she got to use her five tickets to choose five books. She was very sweet and carefully selected a book with Zoë in mind (a "Llama, Llama" book), one for Benjamin (a "Black Lagoon" book), and one for Miriam (a "Princess Pony" book). She used her two remaining tickets on herself.

I thought it was so sweet that she kept her siblings in mind while she was "shopping."

Of course, several of the books that we donated were technically picture books from Zoë and Benjamin's collection, so I suppose it's only fair that they should get a new book or two out of the deal. But she didn't have to spend her tickets on them.

She was quite excited to present her siblings with their gifts.

Miriam's media day is Wednesday. We'll see what she does with her tickets...

Any books left over when the children have finished pawing through them (and there will be a lot because you only earn one book for every two you donate) will be put into circulation in classroom libraries or in the media center.

I think this was such a great idea to get new (but cheap!) reading material into the school and into students' homes as well. 


  1. That is a fabulous plan! And how lovely that Rachel thought and acted so unselfishly.