Saturday, June 10, 2017

Containing contaminants

We didn't go swimming today, although everyone would have loved to.

In celebration of the end of the school year, we took the kids to Barnes and Noble to pick out their summer reading book (read any eight titles and choose a free book; not a bad deal) and then took them out to dinner at Cracker Barrel (we had a gift card to use) before coming home to watch the new Beauty and the Beast with Hermione Granger and Matthew Crawley (I mean, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens).

In the middle of the movie Zoë sprinted off to her little potty, making it in time only to half-way sit on it before exploding diarrhea into her potty, onto the floor, and even spraying the wall a bit.

Andrew was a champ and cleaned her up and got her into the bathtub in the kids' bathroom. I watched her in there while Andrew cleaned up the mess she'd made in our bathroom.

A couple rounds of this later, the movie ended and we were getting the kids ready for bed. Andrew had wrapped Zoë in a towel (again) and laid her on the bed, ready to slap a nighttime diaper on her at lightning speed before she could poop all over him. Apparently she was done with that end of the spectrum, however, because instead she threw up all over our bed and the towel and herself.

While Andrew, my hero, dealt with that, I made the other kids clean everything off their floors, remove superfluous stuffed animals and blankets from their beds, and pick out a throw up bowl to sleep with.

You can never be too careful.

Fortunately (and knock on wood) no one else has gotten sick, which basically rules out food poisoning because Zoë ended up splitting her mac'n'cheese with Benjamin, who ordered a hamburger but then spent the whole meal sighing about how he wished he'd chosen what Zoë chose. So once she'd had her fill we let him finish off what was left in her bowl (about half of it) while Andrew finished his burger.

So food poisoning doesn't really fit the bill here...otherwise Benjamin would be feeling it, too...right?

But I have other theories. Oh, I have other theories.

Theory #1: On Wednesday the kids were playing outside and it was hot so Miriam got cups of ice water for everyone. She put the cups on a plate and carried them outside like a little waitress. It was rather cute (and smart). Anyway, it had rained on Monday and I still hadn't made the kids empty the pool by Wednesday (we try to stay on top of it because standing water = mosquitos...not that emptying the pool helps much when there's a stream in the backyard that often turns into standing water between rainfalls). The pool is on the deck and the kids were playing on the swing set so I wasn't too worried about it. Well, that is until I looked out the window and caught sight of Zoë refilling her cup from the pool and guzzling it down...

Tarzan comes to mind: "Are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to me."

Theory #2: Earlier on Friday, while we were at the school, Zoë refused to walk anywhere. She wanted to crawl instead, which is a recipe for filth accumulation because...have you seen school hallways?! Had I known she was going to be so ridiculously stubborn about it, I would have brought the stroller for her, but I didn't, and I'm not supposed to carry her so I just let her crawl around. It probably wouldn't have been so bad (dirt don't hurt) except that she's teething right now so she went from crawling all over disgusting school hallways to shoving her hands in her mouth. It's completely plausible she picked up a little somethin'-somethin' some kid (or adult) tracked around the school on the bottom of their shoe.

Whatever the case, she's been, as has everyone else. Let's hope it stays that way so we can head to the pool on Monday (in case you didn't know, you should always wait for at least 24 hours after having diarrhea before going to the pool to avoid accidentally spreading ickies to other people, which is why we didn't go swimming today (sometimes sharing is not caring)).

Bring on the first week of summer vacation! 

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  1. This post made me laugh - we do the same thing when we are on throw-up alert: NO extraneous blankets and stuffies in the kids' beds! I'm so glad it hasn't spread...yet...