Thursday, June 01, 2017

Book walk

Last night I took the kids on a walk before bed and they were very excited to find a bin of books in a neighbour's yard marked "FREE." They rifled through the bin and each found a treasure (or two or three) to take home. 

Zoë was adamant that she wanted a book about Sitting Bull. There are no pictures in the book but she happily "read" it the whole way home.

Benjamin found a book "about eagles," which he was only slightly disappointed to learn was actually a book about each of the 50 United States and contained not a single fact about eagles.

Miriam found a Basher book on rocks and minerals, a drawing book and The Encyclopedia...of Immaturity. "Can I take this one?" she asked in awe. "I have never owned an encyclopedia before."

Rachel was aghast to find a copy of Catching Fire in the bin. She didn't take it because we already have a copy, but "what kind of monster" would get rid of Catching Fire?! Instead she grabbed a book called How They Croaked, a WWII fact book, and The Book Thief (which I will be reading next).

We also grabbed a little book on origami and an easy reader about wolves (evidently Zoë knows the word for wolf, which we did not know).

It was a rather satisfying walk, even if we all were rather overburdened with armfuls of books on the way home...


  1. If my memory serves me well (which sometime it doesn't) I may have the Book Thief on DVD.

  2. The Book Thief is quite kid. How They Croaked is entertaining, as is its companion: How They Choked.

  3. I, too, enjoyed reading "How they croaked" despite the rather gruesome topic. I had no clue there is a "How they choked." Will have to look for that. What a great book-finding walk!