Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Parked cars and cupboard doors

Today while we were out on a family walk, Benjamin ran into a parked truck and gave himself a lovely goose egg. We were all just walking along when there was a loud *clunk* followed by a tremendous amount of screaming.

"I'm really sorry you bonked your head," I said, checking out his injuries. "But, seriously, how did you not see the truck?! I mean, it's huge and it's just sitting there..."

"Well, it shouldn't have parked there!" he wailed. "Why did that truck even do that?!"

He seemed to feel like the truck jumped right into his path when really he wasn't paying any attention at all to where he was going. He held my hand and cried the whole way home, but we iced his head and I think he's going to be okay, poor boy.

We joked that Miriam needed to run into something so that she could match all the other kids because Rachel and Zoë are also sporting forehead bruises. I have no idea how Zoë got hers, but Rachel gave herself a goose egg last week while she was angrily putting away dishes (she slammed a cupboard door and then bent down to get something else from the dishwasher, but she'd slammed the door so hard that it bounced back open and when she stood up...POW...which is why you should never do anything while angry).

I tried to get a picture of all three kids showing off their bruises but it didn't work out very well (and as you can see Benjamin hadn't quite recovered from his emotional trauma of his blow to the head, while Zoë and Rachel are happy as clams):

Hopefully Miriam will steer clear of all rogue parked vehicles or wild cupboard doors that are out to get her and these three will remain a head-injured trio. I've had enough tears this week to last me a lifetime.

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