Wednesday, June 13, 2018

End of the school year

Benjamin had his last day of school on May 18—which means he's been out of school for nearly a month already! He was quite excited for the end of the school year, mostly because he thought he'd immediately move into grade one (he was obsessing about "practicing making [his] lunch" so that he could be ready for the big day). He was a little let down when he realized he had the whole summer to kill before he'd get to move up a grade.

Our rising first grader

His sisters got out a week later, on May 25. Rachel is excited to be the top dog at the school and is perfectly confident she'll get to hang out with her friends this summer (because all her friends are quite good at stealing borrowing their moms cell phones to communicate with each other). Miriam is sad that she'll never get to see her teacher again (she is quitting to stay home with her baby) and is worried that her social life will suffer. Thus their faces...

Miriam and Rachel on their last day
By the time the girls were out of school, Benjamin was already bored out of his mind and ready to go back. But I think we've figured out a summer groove of sorts. We have good days and bad days. The good days make it seem like summer is going far too quickly. The bad days make it seem like summer is never going to end.

I'm just now realizing that next year is my last year of having all my kids in the same school, so I'd better really relish it because I'm so not ready to juggle multiple bell schedules and having my kids farmed off to more than one location. It's complicated enough as it is!

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  1. They look so grown! Look at your cover picture and see how much Benjamin, for instance, has changed since those Durham days. And Alexander...pffft.

    Hope y'all have a great summer!