Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Fairy tale shadow puppet shows

We've finally finished filming our fairy tales, which are unfortunately still a little hard to hear even though we practiced projecting. In the future we'll have to do fancier editing, I guess, and record the story separately, but I'm honestly not quite sure how to do that and learning how feels like it will take more energy than I have right now (I have so many other projects going on myself). So that will have to wait for another time.

The good news is, you have access to the scripts so you can follow along a bit as they read.

The kids also found that it would have been useful to have a few extra pairs of hands; it was hard to work the puppets and read the show at the same time. I think a little more practice might have helped things run smoother, but...getting kids to practice things is hard. It also would have helped to film when Rachel was home so that she could work some puppets, I'm sure. 

Here's Miriam's retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, called Koochik Quermez:

And here is Benjamin's retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, only it's The Three Animals of Ireland (and a knight). And he hilariously couldn't remember how to pronounce haggis (which is a word he insisted on using in his story; he had learned about it while he was writing a report on Scotland a few weeks ago and I guess he'd only read the word, not heard the word, but that's okay):

It's nice to finally have a finished project. Benjamin said he liked working on it a lot and would like to do it again. Honestly, it's the most invested he's been in writing in a long time so we might just have to revisit this medium again! They enjoyed experimenting with their puppets—using plastic to make colour filters and working with brad fasteners (which, by the way, do you call them "brass fasteners" or "brad fasteners"? I grew up calling them brads, I think, but Benjamin is adamant that they are brass) to make the cow's head move.


  1. So good! I was especially impressed with Benjamin's fluency -- I am used to hearing Miriam read so fluently with expression, and it is so nice to hear Benjamin do the same! Such creative story-telling! Good writing, good reading, gooe puppetry!