Monday, January 13, 2020

Super sleeper

When I was growing up I had a couple Berenstain Bear books (and always wished we had more), one of which was Read, Set, Go! I can still quote the opening lines: "Hooray! Hooray!" their friends all say. "The bears' olympics start today!"

Once inside the story the Berenstain Bears compete to see which bear is the best at a number of different things: running, jumping, I can't remember what else. Then they get awards for who was good, better, best or fast, faster, fastest. Poor Papa can't outdo the cubs in anything until, at the end of the book—spoiler alert—he takes an epic nap that wins him first place in sleeping.

Well, it's a new year, obviously, so we've all been working on our goals over here, trying to figure out how to be healthier, kinder, smarter, better people. To that end, Andrew decided to get a FitBit.

I tried one years ago but didn't like how it fit and quickly returned it because I knew I wouldn't be able to stand having something like that on my wrist. But Andrew was once a watch wearer and seems to be comfortable with having something on his wrist again even after so many years of not having a watch (it broke when Rachel was tiny and we tried to fix it but failed and he's been without a watch since then).

Besides tracking his activity in general, and buzzing angrily at him if he's been too sedentary any given hour of the day, it claims to track his sleep patterns. Obviously all measurements must be taken with a grain of salt, but the data has been fun to look at. And it's really proving that our own Papa Bear is a champion sleeper (something we've long suspected).

His record, in case you're wondering, is crashing from "awake" to "deep sleep" in...30 seconds!

(You can see what the chart(s) looks like here).

I have long suspected that he's been able to fall asleep as soon as he rolls over (or as soon as his head hits the pillow, whichever phrase you prefer) but this just proves it. We've been noting the time we say goodnight and then checking what time his watch says he first starts sleeping and it's always between 30 seconds and 2 minutes (you can also hover over the wavy line and it will tell you how long you stayed in that particular stage).

What would it even be like to live like that?!

My list of things-to-fret-over-before-falling-asleep is much longer than 30 seconds...


  1. Wow! 30 seconds! If I fall asleep in 30 minutes, that is an amazing thing!

  2. Oh geez, could you imagine. Also why couldn't any of your kids inherit this skill 😂