Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Bush forts vs. snow forts

Ever since meeting each other one brief afternoon a year and a half ago, Miriam has formed the most beautiful friendship with my cousin's daughter. They send little messages back and forth on Marco Polo, an app Josie had me sign up for awhile ago (and I'm so glad she did even though she never messages me there anymore because Miriam and Alice hooked up there and they're still going strong)! They send letters, too, but instant messaging is...more their electronic messaging is much more routine.

The other day Miriam sent Alice a tour of the bush we found at the park that the children have claimed as their fort. Alice responded by giving Miriam a tour of the snow fort she and her siblings made in North Dakota.

It's the sweetest long-distance cousin relationship ever and I'm so happy they're getting to know each other! 

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