Monday, January 13, 2020


I dropped Alexander off at nursery on Sunday and for the first time ever he didn't put up much of a fight. He's been a very big talker lately, when it comes to going to nursery.

"And we play toys! And we have snack! And we blow bubbles! And we have singing time! I love nursery!" he's been known to boast. Of course, he'd never actually stayed in nursery by himself, but ever so slowly (over the past nine months) he's been learning that nursery is alright.

Last week was a huge turning point, when I left him for a full half hour and he didn't (hardly) cry.

This week I went into the room with him and he said, "Mom, tan oo 'tay?"

"I can't stay, remember?" I said. "I have to go to Rachel's class this week."

To my surprise he said, "Okay. Bye!" and then ran over to his favourite nursery leader, who was beckoning him over to see all the little puppets she had. 

It was a truly bizarre moment in my life. 

I was like, "Oh. Okay. I guess I'll just go...? then. Like. Okay. Bye." 

I didn't really know how to leave him, like...
Never has he ever walked away from me like that. I suppose it's the first of many times, and it's a good thing. He's got to learn that he can do things without me. But it was still so weird!

When I picked him up from nursery (a full hour later) he ran across the room and did his best to leap into my arms (he is not very good at jumping yet) and proudly said, "I didn't cry, Mom!"

He gave me the picture he drew ("It for oo, Mom!") and has been talking about nursery and his bravery ever since.

As I was tucking him into bed this evening and helping him say his prayers, he substituted every line with, "Please bless me to go to nursery," only he still can't say /s/ so he just says "nur-ee."

"I'm thankful for this day," I prompted.

"Plee bleh me go nur-ee," he said.

"I'm thankful for my family," I said.

"Plee bleh me go nur-ee," he said.

"Help me to have a good sleep."

"Hep me go nur-ee."

And when he was finished with his prayer he said, "I love nursery! We blow bubbles! We sing songs! I am so brave! I don't cry!"

He's growing up, whether I want him to or not (and I do want him to...and not). He's growing up.


  1. Please send this to the Friend! I would love other children to know how Alexander's prayers were answered. It melts my nursery leader heart!

    1. What a great idea! It could be one of those little short stories.