Thursday, February 06, 2020

Parent of the year award

This morning we gathered in the entryway for family prayer because we're never quite together enough in the mornings to kneel down together for such a thing. Always Rachel has her backpack on and is ready to run out the door the minute we say "amen." Always I have two grumpy babies (who I know aren't really babies anymore but they're my babies) clinging to me, smacking away the hands of anyone who dares reach out to stroke their head or rub their back, growling at anyone who wishes them a good morning. It makes kneeling down a little hard, so I just sit on the steps and try to isolate them on either side of me (so that they can't touch each other either).

My kids aren't exactly morning people.

So we gathered for prayer this morning before sending Rachel (into the torrential downpour that was our morning) to hike up the hill and wait for her school bus.

I got the kids settled at the table with breakfast and then started reading aloud to them, as is customary. We're reading Elijah of Buxton currently, which has had the kids both laughing aloud and holding their mouths open in stunned silence. It's pretty good writing!

After we read our chapter I assigned the kids their writing assignment for the day (they are comparing the characters of Mr. Leroy and The Preacher and which one makes a better mentor) and then I came upstairs to check my email and perhaps sit down to do some writing myself (which obviously I'm doing although what I really need to do is finish up that paper I'm writing) and so forth.

So I found my cell phone and see that I have a couple of missed text messages, some missed phone calls, some voicemails. This is not unusual for me—my 1,041 unread emails notification drives Rachel and Andrew bonkers (they prefer to keep their phones notification-free)—but I took a look at them to see if they were important.

Turns out they were. A text message told me:

"Be advised that Gwinnett schools are in a severe weather protocol due to a TORNADO WARNING. Once we have the all-clear, normal schedules will resume."

Huh. I just sent my sweet baby (not-a-baby) out into the clutches of an unusually wet and windy winter storm all alone. She was probably fine just sitting at the bus stop all by herself while everyone else was locked down "severe weather protocol," right? Sure. I mean, I don't even know if they suspend bus transportation during severe weather—so who knows if that bus was even coming to get her?—but I'm sure she was fine.

Fortunately, as I was checking to see if Rachel had made it to school (she's there) I had an incoming phone call from Gwinnett County Public Schools giving the all clear, so that tornado warning is over (now to make it through the rest of the day).

Weird that I didn't get a severe weather alert on my phone (or perhaps I did and I just missed it (I just checked and while I do have a missed flash flood warning (in effect until this afternoon) I didn't get a tornado warning so it must not have been for our direct area)) but glad that Rachel made it to school.

Perhaps when the weather is this horrible I should check on things a little more carefully...

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