Saturday, June 14, 2008

2 months

I've reached the point where I am unnaturally stressed out. My mom warned Andrew about this before we got married.

She says I'm like my Auntie Arlene in that regard--that I get unnaturally stressed out.

All I can focus on is whatever is stressing me out (in this case, moving to Cairo in T-minus 2 months) and anything that I have to worry about on top of that pushes me a little over the edge. But since I'm stressed out about one thing it means that I'm stressed out about everything.

We were talking a few nights ago and I went from fretting about student loans to trying to solve world hunger. About that fast, too. I touched on a number of other topics between those two outliers that I'm worrying about, also: apartments in Cairo, packing, going to California next week, working, the war in Iraq, gas prices, etc.

I'm a chronic worrier. I don't know how to not worry, so I guess it's a good thing that I married Andrew, who, in my opinion, sometimes doesn't worry enough.

At any rate, I am incredibly stressed out. We leave in two months...


  1. How did I get that gene when I'm not even related to you?! lol

  2. I'm a chronic worrier too Nanny - if I don't really have something to actually worry or stress about I'll find something! I think I actually thrive on it, it's what keeps me going I think.

  3. Yeah, I get very stressed too over things...maybe it's a female trait. The guys are too laid back so we have to make up the difference. ;)