Friday, June 20, 2008


I think our fridge is set way too cold! Andrew pulled some meat out of the fridge the other day and found this:

He has a habit of filling up the Brita pitcher too full. Of course, this is probably to counterbalance my equally annoying habit of neglecting to fill the pitcher back up after emptying it.

I guess he figures that the fuller he can get the pitcher, the longer it will take for me to empty it. He fills it up and lets it all filter through to the bottom half, and then he will fill it up and let that filter through until the whole bottom part of the pitcher is full. Then he'll fill up the top part again. It gets so heavy that I can hardly lift it and it leaks all over the place.

Whenever I tell him this, though, he insists that it isn't too full. Perhaps now he will believe me the next time I say that it leaks all over the fridge!

The evidence usually drips out and dribbles onto the shelves, which I then have to sop up. This time, however, it dripped onto the meat and froze, forming a lovely stalagmite.

We'll have to check our dials to make sure our fridge is the right temperature, I would like to thank the fridge, however, for being so cold on this occasion in order to help me prove a point. I have won yet another argument. Thank you, thank you, no applause, please!

What's that I hear, Andrew? Oh, I'm always right?

Yes, dear, you're right. I am!


  1. Joe and I have the same problems. I never fill the pitcher up, and he almost always fills it up too full. Our fridge is also too cold most of the time, but we haven't been lucky enough to have a stalagmite yet!

  2. I said "oh my heck" so loud while reading this I startled little sleeping Hannah. oops. Clay and I have the same problem, while we don't have a pitcher that we keep in the fridge, we do often find the left-overs that have been pushed to the back of the fridge covered with a coating of ice. I figure I'd rather have it too cold than not cold enough...right?