Monday, June 02, 2008

Hooray! It's boring!

"What should we do for FHE?" I asked Andrew 20 minutes ago when he got home for work.

"I don't know. What were you thinking of?"

"Well, I thought we could take Rachel to the temple, but it's closed on Mondays so I don't think we'd be able to get close enough for her to understand what we're looking at."

We looked at each other for a few seconds. Since he wasn't coming up with any other ideas, I decided to share mine.

"Or maybe we could go swimming!" I said.

"Well, I was thinking of something a little more boring," he said.

Not the best way to present an idea, really. Oh, I know! Let's do something really boring! That'll get a lot of people voting for you.

"Like what?" I asked, nonplussed, of course.

"Like we can get some stuff ready to go to Egypt. We need electrical cords and things,"

Oddly enough, he convinced me. It wasn't the stodginess of the activity as much as the practicality that convinced me. After all, we only have 71 days until we leave and we have so much left to do!

The closer we get to our departure date, the more and more stressed out I will become. I get so stressed out it's completely debilitating.

When we moved to Jordan 2 years ago Andrew did most of the packing. It wasn't as if I didn't try, it's just that I got so overwhelmed. I would sit by a box and just cry. I was so scared to move halfway around the world and there was so much more to do, so of course the best thing to do was to take a nap.

"What's wrong?" Andrew asked, patting my back awkwardly. He hates it when I cry.

"There's so much to do," I sobbed.

"Why don't you just go lie down?" he suggested.

"Are you sure?" he nodded at me, "Okay..."

And when I woke up the house had magically been packed up and we were all ready to go.

That's probably the same state I'll be in when we are getting down to the last few days here, so it's probably best that I do as much as I can now. We can always go swimming later.


  1. You sound about like me. I shut down under stress, too, or end up feeling really sick. Not fun!

  2. Update: FHE was, indeed, rather boring. We went to Radio Shack. The end. Andrew bought me some ice cream to make up for it though, and I'm in charge of the activity for next week.

    I got him back, though. Last night after Rachel went to bed I said, "Do you want to do something fun with me?" I left off "because FHE was so stinkin' boring."

    "Sure," he said.

    And then we looked around the house. The kitchen was a mess from dinner. The living room looked like hurricane Rachel had come through (it had). And we had clothes in the dryer that needed folding.

    So our "fun" last night was cleaning the house. Yippee...