Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blowing Raspberries

Spitting is one of Rachel's favorite things to do. If she's in her car seat she's doing one of three things: alternatively singing and spitting (this is good), being quiet and most likely sleeping (this is okay), or screaming (this is bad). It's kind of like the Rach-o-meter for the car.

If you blow her some raspberries, she'll be sure to blow them back. If she's really happy she might forget about babbling altogether and will instead just point and spit.

Getting completely off topic, her babbling is becoming more complex by the day. At dinner the other day she said something along the lines of, "Methrew!" That's a whole lot more complicated than "Ba, ba, ba!" Still, if she gets too excited she can't say anything at all and will just stick out her tongue and spit.

This morning we were playing with Rachel in bed. She loves to play on our bed. We have pillow fights with her and take turns knocking her over. If we're not quick enough to knock her over, she'll purposely fall over backwards. She tries to jump on the bed, which also makes her fall over. And she also tries to pick up the pillows, but since they are too heavy for her, she falls over. Every time she falls over she laughs herself silly. She's so funny.

In the midst of our reveling, Andrew passed some gas.

Apparently, that's really how raspberries got their name because when Rachel heard it, she stopped playing, clapped her hands, stuck her tongue out and blew, showering us all with spittle.

We couldn't stop laughing.

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  1. Well, that IS why people generally look on "blowing raspberries" as a rude noise... :-D