Thursday, June 05, 2008


My friend Bonnie and I are almost always "online." That doesn't mean that we're always at the computer. It simply means that we're logged onto a chatting system. Kind of like how the telephone is plugged into the wall all day but we don't sit there talking on it for hours. We definitely use chats like the phone.

We like to be able to talk to our husbands when they are online at work. Yesterday I used it to tell Andrew that I was having a hard day with Rachel and he was able to keep me a little more sane than I would have been otherwise.

This morning my computer chimed at me to let me know that someone was trying to chat with me. I was busy with Rachel, but Andrew was home still so he went to see who it was.

It was Bonnie.

"Do you know the details for Playgroup today?" she asked.

I had spoken with Heather on the phone a few minutes previously, before being lassoed by Rachel, and had already relayed the information to Andrew. We were supposed to go to the park, but it seems that every time we schedule a day at the park it either rains or snows, so we ended up moving playgroup, yet again, indoors.

Andrew told her where it would be.

"Oh, good!" said Bonnie, "This is Matt, btw."

BTW means "by the way," for anyone not familiar with chatting/texting. I know, it took me awhile to memorize all the shorthand, too.

"This is actually Andrew," Andrew said, "That's weird."

"lol," said Matt. That means "lots of laughs" or something like that. "That's funny. Bonnie was waiting for Nancy to get on so she could ask, but finally decided she'd just call, so..."

They ended their conversation since hey both had to get to work ASAP. That means "as soon as possible," but it's not unique to chatting, so you probably knew that.

By the time they ended their chat, Rachel had finished nursing and I had moved on to cutting my toenails.

"Bonnie's probably doing the same thing you are," he said.

"What, cutting her toenails?" I asked. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Oh, you mean she's probably busy with the baby...could be."

It would have been just too ironic if she had Matt talk to me because she was cutting her toenails, too. I have to get Rachel ready to go now. Maybe I'll ask Bonnie at playgroup...



  1. Doesn't LOL mean laughing out loud?

  2. We're the same way: We use chat to talk while Nick is a work, and keep in touch with a lot of family and friends at the same time. It's so convenient when you just want to ask a question, or convey something. But yeah... it's a little nerdy :)

  3. It probably does mean laugh out loud, too. A lot of the shorthand things stand for a lot of things.

    Personally, when I type lol I don't actually laugh out loud... :) So for me it just means something's funny.

  4. Now I wish I had been cutting my toenails. That would have been funny. But they don't really need it right now. To be honest, I don't remember what I was actually doing at the time, but there is a pretty good chance that Amy was involved.

  5. acually it means just laugh out loud. lol

  6. Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

    Or in my case, rolling on the floor: lots of laughs! ;)