Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello Kitty

Last week, Rachel got to meet Aunt Sarah's kitty, Athena. She was a little scared at first. She always seems a little scared of things at first. I don't know why because she really isn't a very shy girl--after that initial contact.

Athena's a cute little kitten, who's really rather patient with Rachel. Rachel always goes straight for Athena's eyes, but instead of scratching Rachel, Athena just turns her head away. When we stopped by there today, Athena gave Rachel's feet a bath. That was a little tickley!

After we visited with Andrew's family for a little while, we went over to my family's house. There are always plenty of kitties over there! Okay, right now we only have two--we just gave Simba to my sister, Kelli. We kept mean ol' Winter and sweet little Lahki.

Rachel loves the kitties and always wants to pet them. Lahki is really gentle and will let Rachel pet her. Winter is a shredding machine and won't let anyone, besides Josie, near her. The problem is, Winter is Lahki's mother--they look nearly identical. Rachel can't tell them apart and gets equally excited for both Winter and Lahki, even though I've explained to her time and again that Winter likes to eat little children for breakfast.

Whenever Rachel sees a kitty, she screams and points to it and, if the cat is accessible, will chase after it. Chasing is fine if it's Lahki she's chasing because Lahki will just run away and hide. Winter, however, is always ready for a fight and will stand her ground.

We have to be careful about which kitty Rachel pets. Here she is giving Lahki, Grandpa, and Josie an anatomy lesson:

And this one is mine.

And this is Lahki's face!

As much as Rachel loves cats, she's a little afraid of doggies. She loves to hear them bark and watch them play...from a good and safe distance. The minute they get too close, however, she flips out.

We went out walking the other day and a woman in our neighborhood was walking an itty bitty dog. I don't know what kind it was, but it was pretty small and fluffy. Harmless, really. Well, that dog walked right up to Rachel, jumped up at her stroller and licked her hand.

Rachel about had a cow. She started screaming and wouldn't calm down until I picked her up out of the stroller.

That's fine with us. If we have to have a pet some day, we'd both prefer a cat to a dog.


  1. Athena is calm because she was born around Kayl. Kayl used to pick the kittens up and kinda toss them. Athena would even sleep next to Kayl. It was way cute!

  2. Karen loves animals too-as long as they stay far away from her. It's probably a good thing she's afraid of them since she's allergic, but I wish she wouldn't flip out every time a neighbor's dog comes near her. Maybe they'll grow out of it eventually?