Thursday, June 12, 2008

O, where is my hairbrush?

If Rachel stands on her tip toes, she can reach into the bathroom drawers. She likes to pull out the Q-tips and the toothpaste, but most especially Mommy's hairbrush.

So my hairbrush is frequently AWOL.

Such was the case about 2 minutes ago when I was brushing my hair for the day. Sad, but true. I brushed my hair for the first time today at 1:55 PM.

Anyways, while I was searching for my hairbrush I muttered aloud, half to Rachel, half to myself, "Where is Mommy's hairbrush?"

Rachel started singing and wandered off. A few minutes later she wandered back, still singing and proudly holding my hairbrush. She handed it to me with a look that said, "Sheesh, Mom, can't you keep track of your stuff?"

Not when a little baby is helping it find new and better hiding spots around the house.

I need to go. I promised her we could go outside so she's busy trying to shove my flip flops onto my feet...

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