Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brushing with Balmex

We keep most of our diaper changing paraphernalia in the bathroom most of the time. It, of course, is prone to moving around the house depending on where we end up changing Rachel's diapers, and often is placed in various diaper bags. We often have to search around for things when we need, checking each diaper bag, purse, stroller compartment, and bedroom before finding what we need. Obviously we don't change too many diapers at home.

Last night, however, most of the diaper changing stuff was in the bathroom.

Andrew was getting his toothbrush ready. He grabbed the toothpaste, popped open the cap, and was about to put the paste on the brush when he gasped and dropped the toothpaste.

"What?! Oh..." he said, picking the "toothpaste" back up, "I'm glad I noticed this was white."

I looked at the tube he had in his hand. It read Balmex. He had almost used diaper rash cream on his toothbrush.

That would have been an interesting phone call to the poison control center.

"Hi, yes, my husband just used more than a pea-sized amount of Balmex on his toothbrush. Do I induce vomiting, or no?"

Luckily, he stopped squeezing just in the nick of time and was able to get our white-with-orange-stripes toothpaste out of the bathroom drawer. I have a hunch this was a lot tastier and better for cleaning his teeth than the diaper rash cream would have been.


  1. That is super duper funny!!! I'm glad for him he noticed to, though his facial expression probably would have been priceless if it would have reached his mouth. :)

  2. Wonderful write up. We just got butt paste from over here in the UK and we absolutely love it. It really does rock!

  3. That would be just an 'Andrew' thing to do! It's a good thing he caught it; if it cures diaper rash for babies, what would that do to your mouth, let alone your digestive system? ;)