Thursday, July 16, 2009

I dove you

I phoned my little brother two nights ago so that we could get some details straightened out for his trip out here in August. He called back and we chatted for a while. In the end I said something to the effect of,

"Okay. Bye. Have a good day. I love you."

And then I had to hang up the phone quickly because Rachel heard me say, "I love you" and was zooming across the room to me with her arms stretched open wide yelling,


She was so fast that I barely had time to drop into a squat to receive her high-speed, full-force embrace.

It was pretty much the best part of my day, although I always laugh a little when she says she "doves" me. It's so funny to me that she says "dove" and "Dacher" for "love" and "Rachel" but uses either a "y" or a "w" for most of her other L and R words.

Uncle Patrick phoned us yesterday morning, too, to discuss a few more details. Naturally my phone call started with,

"Hi, Patrick!"

I then wondered what he was doing up, with friends, at the hour he was calling me. Turns out he was in line at the movies, waiting to see Harry Potter 6. Auntie Em was there, too, we we got to talk to her for a minute as well. They both work in book repair in the HBLL at BYU, only for different bosses, and were with their other coworkers who had all decided to go to the movies together--I've always been a little jealous of people working in book repair; they always have so much fun!

When that conversation ended, Rachel, who was at the table eating breakfast, explained some things to me and Andrew.

"Mommy's talking Uncon Patwit. I'm gonna be bid sisterw. Mama's bid sisterw, too!"

Andrew asked her who I was a big sister to...if that's the correct way to phrase that. Perhaps it should be "of."

"Uncon Patwit!" she said.

It is so funny how excited she gets when she understands an extended family relationship. Like when we were talking to my grandma on Skype and I explained to her after that the grandma we were talking to was my grandma. It was Grandpa's mom. Her eyes got all big.

"Whoa!" she said.

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  1. Man, it sounds like Rachel is talking so much more than when we were there.