Tuesday, July 28, 2009


You know when babies start laughing at nothing at all and you wish they could tell you what's so funny but you can't exactly ask that because they communicate solely by crying and spitting up?

Well, we've passed that stage because our baby can talk now...but she still bursts out laughing randomly. She's willing to share why she's laughing, which we appreciate because, as I suspected when she was little, she's thinking the most random and outlandish things.

Today when we were walking home from Road 9, Rachel ate a banana. She finished it, we threw the peel away, and 10 minutes later she started laughing.

"Daddy peels my nana!" she snickered, "Why-cuz crazy!"

She was knee-slapping and out-and-out guffawing over this. Two seconds later she regained composure and told us that she likes her hair. She's really good at making relevant comments.

Why-cuz is how she says because. Whenever we ask her "Why?" she'll respond with "Why? Cuz." and then she'll usually tack on "Crazy." Unless she can come up with a real answer, which is rare.


  1. I wonder if people who aren't linguists catch on to all the funny things their babies say.....or if their babies aren't as funny as yours....either way you're lucky. :)

  2. I think it is the linguist thing, Amy. I think Nancy thinks about language acquisition and therefore notices things that just go over the tops of the heads of most moms. I know they went over mine!

  3. you need to put warnings on these so that I know what not to read at work....

  4. Kelli, if Nancy writes it, and it is about Rachel, you are going to laugh. You should know this by now!