Saturday, November 21, 2009

Basic anatomy and prayer time

After I had finished nursing Miriam, I put her on my lap and began to attempt to regain some semblance of modesty before shedding my nursing cover.

Rachel: What are you doing, Mom?

Me: Fixing my clothes.

Rachel: Oh. Are you putting your breasts back on?

Me: What?!

Rachel wandered off without answering my question, which was more of an exclamation anyway and therefore didn’t really garner an answer. Shortly after that Miriam burped, spat up, and decided that she was hungry again. We’ve been having a few issues with eggs which I forgot about yesterday and had an egg salad sandwich for lunch. Doh!

No eggs for me. Ever. Or at least for not as long as I’m nursing Miriam. She was up grunting and groaning all night long and then was pooping and spitting up all day. This is the third time I’ve done this to her. In a word: miserable.

When Rachel heard Miriam fussing to be fed again, she came over.

Rachel: What are you doing, Mom?

Me: I’m going to feed Miriam again.

Rachel: Oh. Are you going to feed her with your breast?

Me: Uh…yes. I am.

Rachel: Oh. Miriam likes that.

Me: Ummm…yes. Yes, she does.

I just hope her new anatomy word doesn’t come up during sacrament meeting. This last Friday Miriam started fussing so I stood up to take her out and Rachel called out rather loudly,

“Miriam isn’t being very quiet!”

I can just see her tacking on some motherly advice for me (and for everyone else to hear) the next time I’m walking out of the chapel like,

“Why don’t you feed her on your breast, Mommy? She likes that!”

Since Miriam was rooting around her mouth was wide open and Rachel noticed, once again, that Miriam doesn’t have any teeth. This always causes momentary panic.

Rachel: Oh, no!

Me: What’s up?

Rachel: Nothing teeth in Miriam’s mouth!

Me: Nope.

Rachel: Who pulled them out?!

I told her that Miriam would get her teeth later—no one pulled them out, they just hadn’t grown in yet. She had to verify that answer with both Daddy and Grandma by repeating the conversation.

Rachel had us in stitches the whole day. She was just on a roll. Andrew had her say the dinner prayer and when she had finished she did a double take behind her chair.

Rachel: *gasp* Heavenly Father’s there! *gasp*

Us: ???

Rachel (repeating previous double-take): *gasp* Heavenly Father’s gone! *gasp*

Us: ???

Rachel: Heavenly Father bringed us our food.

Us: Yes…

Rachel: He was very nice to do that.

And that is why we pray before we begin eating…to thank him. She’s been taking a stand against payer recently. We don’t know why. She’s always sneaking food before the prayer or during the prayer and refuses to get ready to pray for meals or family prayers.

Before the prayer this evening she grabbed a slice of tomato and was bringing it up to her open mouth when she met Andrew’s eye. Her hand made a big swooping motion, arching up to her mouth and back down to her plate.

“I was just putting it on my plate,” she explained, smiling sweetly, “See? I’ll get some more.”

She grabbed another tomato and again made it fly up high before putting it on her plate, but this time she didn’t open her mouth, you know, to prove that her motives were pure.

Thursday night she could hardly keep her hands off the garlic toast. She kept reaching out for it and then retracting her hand. Amazingly enough she managed to keep her fingers under control until the very last minute when a piece of toast landed *thunk* on her plate with the final syllable of a hearty “Amen!”

She’s silly…and still awake right now…what are we going to do with her?!


  1. Aren't the antics of a two year old just hilarious? I love reading about Rachel's funny things she says and does. Sydney is in that same era of silliness and it makes life very interesting, don't you think? ;)

  2. Grace likes to scram out, "Eat the boob Sadie," whenever Sadie pulls off. Kids are funny. During the middle of our breakfast prayer today she yelled, "It's prayer, no eating." And then Ezra yelled, "I'm not!" Thank you children. So I was just going to say since Miriam has problems when you eat eggs you are going to want to watch out for immunizations that are made in eggs. I hate allergies.

  3. Thank you so much, Nancy, for sharing with us so many moments in Rachel's life and yours. Rachel sounds very funny for us, adults but everything she says does make sense!

  4. Further egg comments: I apparently got crazy-sick from eggs when I was a baby, but had no problems with them as I got older. So all may not be lost! :)

  5. I remember when I was breastfeeding Katie Tyler would come up and ask if those (pointing at my breasts) were for feeding babies and I would say yes and so then he would go around telling people pointing at my breasts that they were for feeding babies. It was so horrible...
    22 November 2009 at 15:53