Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Like lemon juice in a paper cut

Sometimes when I’m too lazy to walk anywhere I ask Andrew to do the walking for me. Yesterday I was too lazy to stand up after changing Miriam’s diaper and so I asked Andrew to bring me the sink to me instead, in the form of hand sanitizer.

He squirted a little in my hand and Rachel noticed so she, of course, wanted some as well. She loves hand sanitizer—she calls it hanitizer—she stuck out her hands and asked her daddy if she could have some, too. He obliged and gave her a big ol’ squirt. It was way more than her little hands could possibly soak up.

Looking for a quick solution to her overly sanitized condition, Andrew noticed she wasn’t wearing a shirt. We had taken it off for dinner-eating purposes.

“Rub the rest on your tummy,” he suggested.

Rachel thought that was a good idea and happily began rubbing the hand sanitizer onto her bare tummy. Suddenly she froze and a look of terror crept onto her face. Then the howling began—the breathless, continuous, monotonous screech of someone in agony.


“You did not just tell her to rub that on her tummy?!” I yelled over her screams.

“I did…?” Andrew confirmed, wondering where he went wrong.

It all happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to process his suggestion and veto it before Rachel followed through.

“Go get a wash cloth, quick!” I yelped, putting Miriam down and pulling Rachel onto my lap.

Andrew bumbled about, trying to find a washcloth and after a few minutes came running over to our sobbing child with a dripping wet wash cloth and we quickly rinsed off her stinging belly. She’s had this mystery rash on her stomach the past few days and her ever-loving father basically poured lemon juice into her open wounds.

It took a while for us to convince her to use some “Grandma Lotion” (aka Cortizone 10 cream) last night. For some odd reason she didn’t trust anyone who wanted her to put anything on her stomach. This morning the rash is looking much better and although she wouldn’t let us use “Grandma Lotion” again she let me put some “Magic Lotion” (aka Cortizone 10 cream) on her tummy.

Hopefully the rash goes away soon. Until then we won’t be lathering her stomach with hand sanitizer…


  1. Poor Rachel! Hopefully the rash clears up quickly. Emmy calls hand sanitizer, "hanitizer" as well, and it is the only thing she requested for her birthday last April. ;)

  2. that reminds me when dad put that anti nail biting stuff on abra's upper lip.....luckily he did hers first.......sorry abra

  3. Yeah that sucked big time. Poor Rachel!

  4. i feel bad for rachel too.....daddies are meanies! (but not all the time)