Sunday, November 01, 2009

Two children

Having two kids is certainly more difficult than having only one. If nothing else it is far more confusing for everybody.

I’m pretty sure Miriam thinks her name is “Rrrr…Miriam.” We just can’t seem to spit out any name other than Rachel. Sometimes Andrew tries to recover by saying, “Hello little Rrrrrachel’s little sister, Miriam!” It’s pathetic, really—there are only two of them and you’d think that after a week of having Miriam around we’d at least have her name down.

Other things are more complicated as well. Like when Miriam wants me and Rachel wants me. Or when I’m the only one within earshot and am busy changing Miriam’s diaper while Rachel’s screaming to get down from the table.

Of course it helps to have Grandma here. Oh, boy, does it ever help to have Grandma here! I don’t know what we’d do without her. I still feel somewhat like I’ve been hit by a truck (although I must say that I feel way better than how I felt after having Rachel and that I will definitely be going natural next time, inshallah) so it’s been wonderful to have someone with a little more energy to chase Rachel around.

At the same time, having Grandma here has been a little confusing for some of us. Grandma, herself, is getting used to being called Grandma and will sometimes prompt Rachel to “Come to Mommy.”

Andrew fares no better. He’s constantly calling his mom Mommy instead of Grandma. It’s kind of endearing, truthfully, but confusing since I’m The Mommy now.

Not that being The Mommy is entirely new to me, but I still feel like I’m settling into a new role. Having two children is certainly more difficult than having only one.


  1. My name is still sometimes Marti-Jame-Vernon.

  2. It is an adventure to be sure! Enjoy it!

  3. Wait until you have 8 Nancy and see how many names you spit out before getting the right one!! Congrats again...Enjoy...they do grow up too fast!!!! Take Time for Yourself too!!! Hugs!

  4. I go through all of them at times

  5. On my mom's side of the family I often get called, Cheryl-Jodie-Erin-Sophia-Emily-Layne-Tyne.