Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A smile goes a long, long way…

Miriam has been practicing her grins. Most often she smiles right after eating, right before she falls asleep. Pure contentment.


Occasionally she’ll smile when she’s completely awake. I can’t wait for her to smile more. Somehow it just makes motherhood more rewarding when you’re showered with smiles for every little thing you do. Clapping is also a fun stage, when you get a round of applause for anything and everything, but that won’t happen for a while so I’ll gladly take the smiles. It’s like a big thank you.

*Smile.* (Translation: Thanks for feeding me, Mom!)

“Oh, you’re welcome, sweet baby.”


Rachel, on the other hand, spent all day avoiding smiling at the camera. And then she wanted to know why, when I was showing her the pictures I had taken, she wasn’t featured in more of them.

“Where’s my picture?” she asked.

Well…you have to stand still for a split second for me to take the picture first. But apparently that was too much to ask for today. (Not that it’s hard—it just starts with an S right here, and it’s a mile to the other ear…)*


So here’s one from Sunday for those of you who miss her smile.


*I totally used to watch Ballooner Landing. It’s been off the air for over a decade. Does that make me old?


  1. She looks so grown up! (both of them actually, but I was thinking of Miriam.)

  2. I love her name.
    25 November 2009 at 19:28