Saturday, February 13, 2010


Something in the air changed and suddenly we’re back in the 30s (or around 85 for those of you who speak Fahrenheit). Spring is definitely on its way. We can even survive being indoors in short sleeves now and just today took the quilt off our bed.

It’s kind of nice to not have to bother with sweaters. We were beginning to feel oppressed.

As I’ve mentioned, this week was incredibly busy…but I did manage to snap a few pictures of the girls.

Miriam enjoyed some tummy time by herself…


And also with Rachel…


Rachel built various forts throughout the day on Thursday and was determined to take a nap in one of them. She made several forts and even managed to doze off for a few minutes but in the end asked if she could go lie down in her own bed…


On Friday we tried to take some cute pictures of the girls in their dresses. We got several cute pictures of Miriam but not so many of Rachel, who either pulled a goofy face or moved out of the frame before I could take the picture.

IMG_4067IMG_4070 IMG_4071 IMG_4068

Today Miriam napped away the morning so she was awake all afternoon. Rachel was as happy as could be in the morning but was totally on one in the afternoon, so she got put down for a nap while Miriam and I played. It was nice to get a little one-on-one time with each of the girls.

IMG_4074 IMG_4076 IMG_4083 IMG_4089 IMG_4090

Miriam is starting to do this weird inchworm thing where she gets up on her knees and lifts her bum into the air. She’s far too little to be thinking about getting mobile, in my opinion, so I don’t really know what she’s trying to accomplish.

IMG_4095 IMG_4106

On Friday, Andrew claimed that he could hear Rachel screaming in nursery from downstairs. I’m in primary all day, right next to nursery, and I could hear her, but they were happy screams and all the other children were screaming, too, so I didn’t think anything of it. Andrew thought she sounded pretty awful.

We talked to Jaehee about it.

“Was Rachel really grumpy today, or something?”

“No. She was just fine.”

“It’s just…we heard a lot of screaming.”

“Oh, that, well…”

Jaehee smiled. They play a lot of rowdy (jumpy / chasey / catchy / monstery) games in nursery and the kids love it, although they do get a bit rambunctious. I already knew that.

“When the kids get hyper Rachel’s definitely the loudest one,” Jaehee finished, confirming all our suspicions that Rachel gets really, really loud. Not that we were actually suspicious. We already knew that. Sometimes, though, when we’re out in public people comment to us on how docile she is.

She is sweet, but docile is not really a word I would use to describe her. Let’s just say she had several time-outs today and even more you-do-not-talk-to-your-mother-that-way lectures.

Is it horrible of me to admit that it’s been really difficult for me to like her lately? I love her to pieces but she’s driving me nuts. We’re just not getting along very well. I’m hoping it’s a stage because I miss having fun with her. Everything is a battle lately. Everything.

On the upside, I love how she says “tay-tu” instead of “thank-you” and also that she suffers grave confusion over the fact that she wears her “Sunday shoes” on Friday.

“These are my Sunday shoes,” she said, bringing them out of her closet and giving them to Andrew.

“Yes, they are.”

“I wear them on Fridays.”

“That’s right.”

“Can I wear them today?”

“Not right now.”

“Why not? It’s Sunday.”

Sometimes we run out of good answers. Sometimes she ends up clomping around the house in her Sunday shoes at various times on any given day since she can put them on 100% by herself and she likes that. I’m quite sure our downstairs neighbours don’t.


  1. Eliza and I didn't get along too well her first 2 1/2 - 3 years. She's now the most docile of them all.

  2. Just wait....she'll turn 13....and then one day she's your best friend the next she's this demonic monster....and then she's your best friend....