Thursday, February 04, 2010

A new first for Rachel

Last night a 3 AM Rachel woke us up screaming, “I need help! Somebody help me! I need to go potty!”

I moaned. Andrew got out of bed to deal with her. He’s great at noticing when I need him to do things—usually after I publicly announce that our children are driving me bonkers, but at least he notices—and he knew that I needed him to get up with Rachel.

He went into her room, but she wasn’t there. She was in…

*drum roll*

…the bathroom!

She had wet her pants on the way to the bathroom, so her jammies were soaked but her bed was dry as a bone. I have never been so proud of Rachel for wetting her pants in my life. She did it on the way to the bathroom at 3 AM. This is a serious milestone!

It had me dreaming good dreams for the rest of the night—good dreams of Rachel getting up, going to the bathroom by herself, and putting herself back to bed without us ever knowing it. Or at least without us having to get out of bed.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. She’s growing up!

And that makes me so proud and happy for her. And also a little sad at the same time because although I don’t think I’ll miss stripping down her bed everyday* and getting up to take her potty in the middle of the night, I will probably miss it sometime down the road.


Right now I’m just happy to think that someday I won’t have to do those things. Yay, Rachel!


That above picture doesn’t really have anything to do with the post, but it shows just about how excited we were that she was running to the bathroom by herself at 3 AM. It’s actually a picture of the day after Andrew got home from Italy. We were happy then, too.

That jack-o-lantern has since been removed and has been replaced with hearts, just in case it was bothering you that we still had a jack-o-lantern on our wall in January. Rest assured I know it is February and it’s gone now, so stop worrying.

And since I’m on a roll with random pictures and incongruent text, here’s a picture of some yummy bread that I made:


And here’s Miriam sleeping on some folded laundry. She thinks laundry is boring because all we ever do is wash bed sheets that smell of urine. Well, little Miriam, rest assured that our days of laundering icky sheets are coming to a close, at least for this round. There’s still all the other laundry we have to do…but you’ll survive. You’re pretty good at resting, assured or not, anyway.


* Okay, everyday is an over exaggeration, but still! More frequently than I want to have to change her sheets.

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  1. SO for two days in a row now, I have found Michael sitting on his potty, with his pants down (but diaper on cuz he can't take it off) in the dark bathroom. Obviously something is beginning to click in his mind. SWEET!