Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reach for it

Miriam has discovered her feet. Kind of.


When she sits in her bouncy chair, she’ll stick out her legs and stare at them for minutes at a time. She forgets about fussing, she forgets about wanting to eat, she forgets that just minutes before someone was drumming on her head like a bongo. She’s quite curious about them but isn’t quite sure how to reach them. Once she attempts, I’m sure she’ll succeed. Once she succeeds her favourite sucking thumb is going to get a run for its money, I’m sure.

Rachel is also learning new things about reaching. Stools, boxes, pillows, blocks, books, toys, baby sisters, etc. What do all these items have in common?

They can all be used to give oneself a boost.

Stack ‘em, lean ‘em, drag ‘em wherever, do what you need to do to get those contraband items.

Today while I was not watching Rachel, guess what she found?


Her markers (which have since been moved to a higher, more secret location than where they were kept before). The only reason I checked on her was because I heard her call out to me,

“Uh-oh! I got some marker on my hands! Can you help me wash them?”

Marker? I thought to myself.

Unfortunately for her face, I sent Rachel to timeout before washing her hands off.


That’s why we haven’t been encouraging Miriam to reach for her toes—she’ll figure it out on her own…and once they start reaching for things they never stop…