Monday, June 30, 2014

And it's like a fog has lifted

Last week when things were still pretty bad—like, when I couldn't open my eyes without feeling like I was going to fall over, and when I was wearing a sun hat indoors because LIGHT, and when everything was blurry, and when all I did was nap because I couldn't see to do anything anyway—I made a doctor's appointment.

Things have gotten better since then (thank goodness) and while things are still a little blurry I can at least open my eyes without pain and I can look at the computer screen for longer than five seconds at a time.

I still kept my appointment because it was also my "become an established patient" appointment (because it's possible that I haven't been to an actual doctor since my six-week appointment after Benjamin was born).

The diagnosis for my current ailment: drug reaction.

Apparently that antibiotic was not a good fit for me, though I have to admit that it got rid of The Pink Eye quite effectively.

After two full weeks of eye discomfort (and counting) I am really looking forward to getting back to normal. I'm also incredibly grateful for the gift of sight.

Seeing things makes me so happy.

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