Friday, June 20, 2014

Don't shoot me, but...

You can totally see the whites of my eyes!

I was beginning to wonder if they'd ever be normal again. When the doctor called to see how I was doing (and to tell me that whatever I'm getting over still wasn't strep) she also asked me about my eyes and I said that they were kind of doing better but they still weren't great. She asked if I was putting in one drop or two and I said one (because that's what the directions said) and she said, "Let's do two."

That seems to have done the trick (though I still have a couple of days before I'm finished with the antibiotics).

Oh, and I can also open my eyes wide without my lower lids unsuctioning from my eyeballs (or however it is eyelids usually stay in place). They were a little bit swollen there, but that's much better now. The instructions for my eye drops said to pull my lower lid down to create a pocket for the drops to collect. The reality was more like open my eyes wide and—*shlup*—instant eye pocket!

The rest of me is much better, too, so I guess I finally reached the peak of the illness and am safely descending on the road to recovery.

My tonsils are still swollen, but not nearly as much, and I can count the number sores (I opted for that word rather than "pus spot" because it sounds far less gross) on one hand, which is awesome because just a few days ago I couldn't count them at all.

I no longer have full-body aches and can get out of bed for hours at a time (though after weeding the garden for fifteen minutes or so while the kids played warranted a full hour in front of the television while I napped (and then another nap with Benjamin when my friend's daughter came over to entertain the children)).

My head's still ringing and I still come down with a fever every so often and I certainly still find myself getting exhausted (though I think I just mentioned that) but I'm definitely doing so, so much better.

So, to my mother and mother-in-law, who were worrying about me from afar and wishing they could come take care of me, you can relax now.

And to my sweet friends Marian and Laura, who took Benjamin and Rachel for the entire day yesterday (including taking them swimming, which was huge of them because neither of them had husbands with them and Laura's expecting—for the record that's two women against 9.5 kids (3.5 of whom are under the age of 3)), thank you!

And to Susanne, who dropped off a Bead-Pet kit last week (which helped keep Miriam entertained while her siblings were out for the day (she made a butterfly (with some help))), thank you!

And to Alisyn, the wife of the man who asked my husband to attend to scout camp (and who may have been feeling a tad guilty about the timing of everything), who brought us dinner last night that was neither cold cereal or cardboard-esque pizza, thank you!

And to Lauryn, the teenage daughter of my friend Rachel, who came over to entertain all three kids this afternoon, thank you! (Rachel (my daughter) would like to expressly thank Lauryn for allowing her to play games on her phone).

And to my kids, who helped take care of each other, thank you! (Rachel would like to clarify that Benjamin and Miriam didn't really take care of her—she mostly took care of them. That's probably true.)

I feel quite taken care of. But I'm still rather excited for Andrew to come home!


  1. Your eyes look much better. So glad to read that you are on the mend! Have a good weekend!

  2. So happy you are on the mend. So grateful for all your good friends!

  3. I wasn't feeling a tad guilty. I was feeling a LOT guilty. Thank you so much for letting Andrew go to camp. It has taken Ken 3 days at the beach to decompress from that week. You now get to go directly to the celestial kingdom.