Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I finally used up the remainder of our stash of baby food by turning into fruit leather (or fruit weather, as Miriam keeps calling it (much to her chagrin)) which meant we have an empty crate kicking around the house now. Benjamin found it and climbed inside with a story.

Because the only thing better than reading a book is doing so while sitting in a cramped location.

Rachel and Miriam are obsessed with climbing the crape myrtle tree in our yard. This might partially explain why we get so many ticks in our family.

The girls found a clump of bugs on the tree that they call "baby bees." I assured them they are not bees, though I'm not sure what they are at all. I assume they must be some sort of hatchling group. They move around on the tree but are always clumped together like this. Weird, right?

Oh, and this is the remainder of my begonia that Benjamin uprooted and tore to shreds all over the porch (I still need to sweep up that mess). All that sits on our porch now is an empty pot of dirt. It's charming.

Everyday by 11:00 or so, Miriam starts begging to go to the pool (if we haven't gone already). I will usually let her change into her swimming suit so that she'll be ready to go to the the time Rachel comes home. Some days she goes straight from pyjamas to bathing suit. It's really cut down on laundry.

Today she not only wanted to suit up but she also asked if she could put sunscreen on. I told her that she could, if she used the lotion kind because she uses way too much of the spray kind. 

She put lotion on while I was editing something for Andrew.

"I'm not going to get a sunburn for a week!" she said.

I added sunscreen to the shopping list.

I'm happy she's enjoying the pool so much. She's finally getting over her fear of the water and is just about swimming on her own. Yesterday she executed several fabulous front glides. All I had to do was start calling them "mermaid" glides rather than "rockets" and she had her face in the water immediately. She managed to glide about halfway across the width of the pool!

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  1. "I added sunscreen to the shopping list."

    This made me laugh! Great photos!