Monday, June 09, 2014

Where's my pants?

Andrew got a new calling today, which was kind of a shock in sacrament meeting because I completely forgot about learning about it on Thursday. Miriam was so proud when he stood up to be sustained.

"That's our daddy," she whispered to me.

Indeed he is. He's our daddy and he's also the new pianist for the ward choir. (And a primary teacher, and an instructor for Elder's quorum, and the coordinator for babysitting for Relief Society activities, but that's all.)

Currently we have our three hour block of church and then a three hour break and then choir practice but we successfully petitioned to have choir moved to directly after church (since the Mebane ward moved out we have the building all to ourselves after church). When you factor in a twenty minute ride home from church and a twenty minute ride back to the church that leaves only two hours and twenty minutes at home.

I'm almost ashamed to admit that that's basically how long it takes to ensure our family is ready to leave the house.

Today we skyped with Andrew's parents, had some lunch, put Benjamin down for a quick nap while the girls finished watching Mary Poppins (they started it last night—but that movie is long), and then we started hustling the kids back out the door.

We pulled into the parking lot just in time to run in before we'd be called late. When I opened the door to let the kids out I also let out a gasp because that's when I discovered that Miriam was not wearing pants, folks.

She had changed out of her dress after church and went through an impressive number of dress-up outfits before finally agreeing to put on a regular outfit so we could go to choir practice. But somehow—somehow—she had neglected to put pants on and no one noticed until she was standing in the door of the van in all her pant-less glory.

I suppose we're lucky, in a way, that this happened—she was our supreme bargaining chip. When the choir director explained that she chose 5:00 because she thought families with young children would appreciate being able to go home, feed their kids, and get in a little nap before coming to choir practice, I was able to point out Miriam and say, "I would rather pack a snack for my children to eat after church and let Benjamin nap in the car than have to go home and get ready to leave the house all over again. I'm apparently incapable of getting my children ready to leave the house twice in once day. Miriam isn't even wearing pants."

And Benjamin didn't have shoes on, either. But that's beside the point.

Everyone agreed that 5:00 is a lousy time for choir practice. It's dinner time. And it's a good 20 to 30 minute drive for some people (like us), which is a big reason I think our numbers are dwindling. Not that I've gone to choir at all this year (but the last director held it at her house and asked that we not bring children and so...).

So now we'll be staying after church for choir practice which will still be a little chaotic, and Miriam still won't be wearing pants...but at least she'll have a skirt on.

(Miriam, by the way, had a tunic-style top on this afternoon, so it's a little longer than a regular t-shirt which is why no one noticed she neglected to clothe her bottom half. So, at least there's that.)


  1. Thanks for that1 Someone in your family is always good for a laugh!

  2. Are you sure your not napping and it's all a dream? At least she's not in school and has to stand up in front of the class to give a report.

  3. I really hope that's a Lego Movie reference!

    1. We actually haven't seen the LEGO movie. Yet. :)

      If you're referring to the title, it's an inside joke with Andrew's sister Emily (who one day wandered into the kitchen (wearing pants) and demanding, "Where's my pants?" because she couldn't find the pair that she wanted).

    2. Funny! I agree, it is way better to have choir right after church. It is a huge pain to have to come all the way back. We're lucky, our choir director has one of her sons watch the kids in the Nursery. There's not many, Andy and I are one of about 3 families where both the parents are in the choir (I play the piano too).