Friday, June 27, 2014


It's okay. We broke his cycle.

He got four shots at his well-baby visit today and was out like a light well before 8:30. He didn't even get out of bed once.

He's healthy. But small.

I have to try to fatten him up and then bring him in again in another 6 months to see if I'm succeeding. I'm nervous about this because it's not like we have ever attempted to control his caloric intake. The doctor was suggesting things like "loading on sour cream" and butter and other extras at mealtime.

Has she not met my children?

My children eat sour cream by the spoonful. They would eat butter if I let them (and have done it when I haven't).

But I guess I'll just keep trying to fatten him up (even though I'm 100% certain he's healthy). He goes from breakfast to snacking as soon as he gets down from the high chair. He is always eating.

The doctor is concerned because he's not "following his trend" on the growth chart. Because around 4 months he chunked up mightily and got into the 20th percentile for weight and has been dropping ever since.

Let's not even mention that Miriam was 15 lbs at 4 months and is barely 30 lbs now.

I'm fairly convinced that my milk just gets super creamy at about that point in my children's lives. I'm also fairly positive that Benjamin eats more than Miriam does now. So perhaps I should be nervous about her appointment come October. *sigh*

Anyway, Benjamin is small.

He's 31.77 inches tall and weighs 22 lbs. 11.3 oz.

When I look at the girls' numbers (Miriam was 33.5 inches and 23 lbs. at 2 years and Rachel, who's always been my most robust child, was 34 inches and 26 lbs.) he doesn't seem terribly tiny. But I guess I'll try to fatten him up anyway since I have to prove to the doctor that he can gain weight, which he might not be able to do very easily if he inherited my genes.

Eating is seriously such a burden when you have to do it ALL THE TIME.

But at least he's sleeping. So I can spend more time planning fattening meals.

Funeral potatoes, anyone?


  1. You will have to tell her that Dr. Spackman thought you must be anorexic....until he watched you put away the mashed potatoes. And then he just said to himself, okay, high metabolism.

  2. I think your children are just blessed with your great metabolism. Good grief, most people in this country would love to have that as well. If you know he is healthy, then don't let the doctor's "not following the trend" statement bother you. They probably have to say such things for those parents who neglect their children which clearly you do not do. Just refer her to your blog. :)

  3. My first was always small at his appointments and always seemed to have growth spurts right afterwards. Convenient right? I think my 'baby' will measure small at 2 years since I don't think she has hit 20lbs yet and she doesn't talk either. You know your kids he looks super healthy and happy.