Saturday, June 21, 2014

This month is such a special one...

That awkward moment when you receive a birthday message from your first-cousin-once-removed and you think to yourself, "It's not my birthday!" and then you look at the calendar and realize that today really isn't your birthday but tomorrow is.

(Phew—that was close! I almost forgot my own birthday! Not that we've had anything else (like a wicked, wicked virus) going on or anything...)

P.S. I got your card in the mail yesterday, Mom, but I haven't opened it yet. Instead I thought, "I'll save this to open on my birthday," which is probably why it didn't clue me in that it's my birthday.


  1. Did you get the card I left in your bubbles bag? It wasn't necessarily for your birthday, but you can open it tomorrow if you haven't already. :)

    So glad you are much better in time for your birthday! Have a good one...even though your family got cheesecake. :)

  2. I did not realize that you had joined Patrick in the "say no to cheesecake" club. Have I tried to feed it to you in the last seven years? That is like me and shrimp--I have not had it since I was pregnant with Patrick 25 years ago! Anyways, I hope they bought some other nice treat, too.

  3. Happy birthday again--I put your gift in your UCCU account!