Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More on today

This morning Benjamin decided to make a birthday card for Rachel. It's birthday season at our house right now so you can pretty much choose anyone to make a card for and it would be appropriate. He was so proud of getting all those letters in there!

Benjamin's birthday is on Friday. I have two breakfasts for Rachel's class that I'm in charge of this week (tomorrow and Thursday) and am taking dinner to a family on Friday. Rachel's friend is having a sleepover birthday party from Friday to Saturday, and then I have a funeral luncheon on Saturday morning and a baptism to attend on Saturday evening. All of a sudden I'm wondering when we'll be celebrating this precious little boy!

Also, I've had my calling for a year and a half and for a year and a half we've had a grand total of zero funerals...until this month. This month we've had three (though technically one was the last Saturday in April, one was in the middle of May, and one will be the first Saturday of June so I guess it really just feels like we're doing funerals all the time now). I know these things are out of the realm of controllability and no one really wants to have a funeral and I really don't mind helping put things together for funerals; I merely thought it was interesting that we could go so long without a single death and now we're getting plenty of practice putting together funeral luncheons.

Zoë refused to nap this afternoon and I was dragging so I decided, at the children's request, to take them swimming. It was all up to Miriam, and whether she could agree to keep out of the water while everyone else was enjoying the pool. She granted her permission for a pool trip and I told her that as long as she promised not to get her ear wet she could play on the stairs. She did great keeping her upper half dry and everyone else enjoyed a good swim.

Benjamin bounced around in chin-deep water, without his floaty, perfectly happy. No screaming whatsoever. By the time we left he was jumping into the pool. So don't ask me what Saturday's fuss was all about (sheesh).

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