Friday, May 06, 2016

Yes and No

Zoë said the word "no" before she learned how to shake her head "no," but recently she picked up on our head signals and started testing the waters. And it's been hilarious.

Now she thinks whenever I say no it's a game, which is fine because ultimately it stops her from doing whatever it is I want her to stop because if she hears the word no she must shake her head.

Yes is a little trickier. It takes mad balancing skills to nod. We witnessed Zoë fall completely over a couple of times tonight while we were playing with her. Unfortunately I didn't catch any of that on the camera, but here she is showing off her new skills...

In other news, the girls asked if I would braid their hair while we were watching a movie so I told them to grab a brush and some hair elastics, which they did. Zoë had a little meltdown trying to steal the brush from me. I sent Miriam off to find a different brush fro Zoë to play with, thinking that would calm her down.

As it turned out, Zoë didn't want a brush. Zoë wanted to brush.

Miriam handed her the hairbrush and Zoë immediately started running it through Rachel's hair. She was so proud of herself (but eventually had to be removed because she was making more of a mess of things; she screamed while being bounced in Daddy's arms while I finished braiding her sisters' hair).

It's fun watching her learn things.

Learning is an amazing process.


  1. She is about to break her neck learning to nod "Yes." Who knew it was so hard!?

  2. This is actually depressing to is she not still a tiny baby :-( too fast!!!!! Too fast!!!!!

    1. I try not to think about it too much. It seems to go faster and faster with each baby!