Monday, May 16, 2016

Walking and sliding

I was sure Zoë would be walking much earlier than her first birthday. With so many slaves to carry her around, however, she's been putting off this task. Her step-taking count was capped at three. That was the farthest she seemed to think she needed to go under her own power: three measly steps.

Then last night while we were Skyping with my parents, she suddenly stood up and toddled right across the living room, laughing and squealing as she chased after Benjamin, surprising everyone. Our living room is admittedly on the small size so getting across only took her six or seven steps. Still, she blew her previous record right out of the water.

She has not attempted so much as a single step today, but I'm sure she'll be walking everywhere soon enough.

We went to the park this afternoon (to warm up after a dip in the pool, which, having just opened, is a bit on the chilly side) and Zoë was crawling around on the bridge. I was supervising her at very close range to make sure she didn't fall off and break her arm or anything (not that that there's a precedent for that on this particular bridge or anything (and if you read that post, go ahead and laugh at my opening line because I used the words "Benjamin" and "officially potty trained" in rapid secession and here we are, nearly two years later...hahaha! He's still struggling and the struggle is real)).

Anyway, Zoë suddenly hightailed it off the bridge and headed for the slide. I left the side of the bridge and started running to the bottom of the slide but I was too late. Zoë beat me to it and zoomed down, superman style, and ended up with a face full of mulch.

She didn't cry, exactly, but she certainly wasn't happy about the results and cried when I tried to help her go down the slide (at less of a break-neck speed/position) later. I'm sure she'll warm back up to slides eventually...


  1. Oh my goodness...that post from two years ago cracked me up. It is like you jinxed yourself :-). We are still working on nightimes here. We are probably down to one night accident a week, but it is still frustrating....