Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Benjamin swimming

You may recall that first time I took Benjamin to the pool this year he screamed his head off the whole time. It was ridiculous and embarrassing and so very lame. Well, he still can't swim, per se, but he has turned in to quite a little fish. He can get into a front float and a back float by himself, he can do a front glide, and while his front crawl is a little sloppy he can move through the water.

He's also always up for a cannon ball. In fact, did I write about the one time when he was jumping into the 3-feet, which was fine because I was standing right there and because he can recover on his own in water that depth (meaning he can get his face out to breathe and can make his way to the side of the pool on his own). Well, he climbed up the stairs and announced, "I'm going to go again!" so I said, "Go for it!" and go for it he did! But instead of coming back to where he'd been jumping before he ran off to the deep end and plunged in.

I was standing in the 3-feet holding Zoë and just about had a heart attack!

Have you ever tried to cross a pool in .2 seconds while holding a baby?! It's not easy!

We made it to him, though, and fished him out (crazy kid) and now he has a deeper understanding of the phrase "sink like a rock."

Anyway, here are some pictures of him swimming today:

Here he is rocking a starfish float:

And trying to get into a back glide on his own:

Sad news: I lost my swimming lessons binder. I checked the lost and found at the pool but it wasn't there. It doesn't seem to be in either of our pool bags (yup, we have more than one). I used it last on Saturday but now it's gone. And I'm a little sad about that because it was just the perfect binder. I had all my lesson plans in plastic sheets and certificates for my kids and...I'm a little bit sad it's gone.

And it's not something you'd think someone would steal or accidentally take from a pool or...throw away. Right? But you never know.

We've had so many things go missing from the pool (toys and goggles mostly). I really don't understand it. I mean, sometimes we forget items at the pool, but there's a lost and found. Sometimes when we get to the pool the next day (because it's usually the next day that we get to the pool) our things are still there but sometimes they're just disappear, never to return.

We lost a sinking toy this year, which isn't really that big of a deal. But I always have the kids count their toys and then get any from the bottom of the pool that we missed picking up. And I labeled all our sinking toys with our name because...I don't really want to replace them every other week.

Anyway, one day we just couldn't find one of our sinking toys anywhere. At all. Like, it was just gone. We looked all around the pool. It was no where. So we left without it. I've been occasionally checking the lost and found bin but it hadn't turned up. It's not really a big deal because we have others but, you know me—incomplete sets drive me a little batty.

Today there was this lady at the pool who was being really weird about her kid sharing toys. Like, she wouldn't let her child play with our things, even when I said it was fine, and she was very possessive about her things. "Those are their things; these are ours..." Which, is fine...except Benjamin noticed something that looked like ours and said, "That looks like ours," and I said, "It might look like ours but it's not."

He had the same puddle jumper as the other child, for example, which confused them both. Like, they were each wearing their little life jacket but kind of getting upset with the other for wearing "their" life jacket.

Anyway...when this other lady and her child went to the washroom Benjamin grabbed that toy and brought it to me and it had our name on it and it was the same colour of sinking toy that we'd misplaced weeks ago. So I just slipped it into our pool bag and didn't say anything. It was obviously ours so I didn't feel too bad...but and I didn't want to confront her about it and say, "Give me back our toy," because that would be weird. Right? Right.

Oh, and in complete randomness we found a toy that we'd lost last year this year's lost and found. Where was it all of last summer? I will never know. But it's definitely ours and it's definitely back.

Hopefully my binder shows up soon, too...

(Or I could just stop losing track of things).


  1. Oh dear! Losing your swimming binder is not good. You will have to recreate so much if it doesn't turn up.

    1. I got it back today! One of the pool monitors picked it up and put it in the closet, which is kept locked unless a pool monitor is present (which you know sometimes they aren't and we've just been missing out on pool monitors the last few times we've gone). Hooray!