Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Last night Grandma Pat's life partner, Dave, passed away after suffering a massive heart attack. A very reserved man, Dave always had an air of mystery surrounding him. This was, perhaps, due more to my not asking many probing questions than to any actual mysteriousness. He was always quietly present at family functions, open for a friendly chat. Both interesting to talk to and completely interested in hearing from you. He was definitely one of my favourite people to sit beside at the dinner table. We had several wonderful conversations crowded around the table at family dinners.

Thanks, Dave!

I don't have many pictures of Dave because, while he always seemed to have his camera with him (and was always sneaking off to take photography walks), he wasn't one to willingly pose in front of the camera. I'm certainly grateful that I was able to snap a few over the years.

Dave and Grandma Pat with Benjamin in April 2013

Just last month I posted a picture of Benjamin and Dave left a comment about it on Facebook that meant more to me than I let on, I suppose, because instead of responding and saying "Thanks, Dave! And how are you?" I just liked his post. But, really, it meant a lot to me (both at the time and, certainly, now). It showcases his whole personality—his humour, his sincerity, his geniality. And he was such a talented photographer, with an eye for noticing beauty every where he went, so that made his comment mean even more.

"Aw, gee...what a pic! The primary rule of photography—you have to be there with a camera., the whole thing."

Thanks, Dave!

Dave was a little more technologically savvy than Grandma Pat (no offence, Grandma Pat), and he kept up with us on Facebook—commenting on milestones of our kids, liking our pictures, keeping tab on us. I'm really going to miss having his name pop up in my feed. But more than that, obviously, I'm going to miss getting to see him when we go out to Utah.

I'm so grateful to him for being so good to Grandma Pat for so many years. He was a good match for her; he made her happy. It was an honour to have this funny, gentle, kind, supportive, easy-going, intelligent man in our pack of grandparents.

Thanks, Dave!


  1. That was very sweet. And your words made me cry a bit.

  2. Oh, so sorry for the loss of this wonderful man! One of my online friends lost her BFF last night to a heart attack, too. I'm very sorry for both of these losses.

    Great tribute to Dave.

  3. Beautifully said, Nancy. We'll definitely miss him!